Harper's Playroom - Imaginative Fun in a Tiny Space

After Konmari-ing last year, we were left with a mostly empty third bedroom that wasn't doing much of anything. I decided I wanted to turn this unused space into a special playroom for Harper that was filled with imaginative toys, without any noises (instruments are allowed!) or flashy lights.  It's such a great room with every spare spot filled with another fun activity.  I also got to put a bunch of local art on the walls, which makes the maker in me happy to support such talented people!

Originally I had grand plans of painting, new trim, some new furniture and new lighting, but that all comes with a hefty price tag.  Instead I re-purposed a lot of items found around the house, and only purchased some pieces from Ikea for craft storage on the wall above the table, for about $7.00. I don't know about you but $7 versus $500 is something to get excited about! All of the artwork I had been slowly accumulating from craft sales, but was holding off on putting up until the room was redone. I'm so glad I didn't wait.

In this teeny tiny room, Harper has space for:

- Doll house

- Mega blocks

- Riding her...sheep? (seriously we can't figure out what animal this is, but we do know it's cute!)

- "House"...Ironing board, kitchen, crib, high chair

- Dress up with her special jewelry box redone by her Grandma Lola

- Colouring, stamps, stickers (SO MANY STICKERS)

- Puzzles

- Books, flashcards

- Puppet show

- Cars!

It's a lot packed into one space, and I have yet to Konmari any of Harper's things, but she really does play with everything in the room...sometimes all at once! The space is contained, and it's nice she can use her imagination, and learn some self directed play.

Here are some of my favorite details, and where they are from.

Knobs - Ruby Thursday Collective

Sleepy Eyes - Brickbubble

Faux Taxidermy - 35 LTD

Watercolours - Sarah's Modern Art Studio

Wood paintings - Fifth Meridian

Kitchen - Home Sense

Craft Storage - Ikea

Kids Rug - Ikea


Do your children have a dedicated play space?



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  • What a wonderful playspace you’ve created! Harper must be thrilled!! Thanks for sharing links to where you found everything too.

    • Karena
  • A playroom is such a good idea! And what a cute space you have create here. Good job!

    • Emilie Iggiotti